Business Development

Retail and Franchise Business Development 

Whilst training is a major part of our business , we do a whole lot more

Our business development teams focus includes working alongside retailers and franchisors' to ensure that major resources in the business, namely stock, real estate, capital and the suppliers are all working efficiently to extract the best performance from the business.

Appreciating that the underlying necessity is to ensure that the people you employ are 'good enough' and engaged in the day to day running of the business  to manage these resources, we draw these two aspects together.

Our focus includes:

Franchise Training and Development of all of the essential resources at our disposal to ensure you maximise performance.

We do a lot of work with new franchisees, often new to Retailing to develop their skills to manage the rigours of a full retail day. There is an old cliche that one is born a retailer. Whilst there is some truth in this we find in most cases we are able to find the retailer in everyone.

Our franchisee development and related training programs are customised to suit the client and the retail discipline.

Franchise Business Development options

  • Customer experience articulation and the associated skills and training that  brings it alive. This often leads to a customised Selling and Service skills training solution.  
  • Buying and negotiating with suppliers
  • Advertising and promotion in a franchise environment
  • Fundamentals of Visual Merchandising

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