Our new e-learning initiative:

We are now, together with our New Zealand Associates, able to offer Retail and Franchise operators in New Zealand (and around the world) a blended learning experience through an exciting e-learning initiative that is:

  • Easy to operate and access (Multiple access from any computer at home or at work any where in the world)
  • Innovative (New and fresh approach)
  • Faster (Speed to competence)
  • User-friendly (Microsoft Office Compatibility)
  • Cost effective (Greater return for the training dollar spent)
  • Easy conversion of e-learning to paper based manuals

...and as an added bonus a Learning Management System (L.M.S) that allows easy live tracking of student or trainee progress via email direct to the trainers desk.

Our position on e-learning:

We are not convinced that e-learning is a substitute for other traditional training methodologies currently used. We do however support the initiatives because we believe that e-learning is able to deliver some or all of the following benefits to businesses like yours:

  • Attractive to generation Y and some X's as their preferred learning. We believe we should be offering the 'new workforce' exciting learning opportunities
  • Speed to Competence. It is imperative these days,  in competitive trading conditions, to get new  employees up to speed as  quickly as possible
  • There is growing pressure from stakeholders and shareholders for training initiatives to be linked to a 'Return on Investment'. e-learning can assist organisations to achieve this goal
  • e-learning gives learners multi opportunities to revisit learning materials at no additional cost
  • Product Knowledge, an essential ingredient  to increasing sales, is able to be delivered country wide or even world wide quicker and faster than ever before
  • Reduce training costs: e-learning can assist to reduce the amount of time employees spend  out of the business  attending training. Often miles away from  the store or business with added travel and accommodation costs

So as you can see e-learning, used in conjunction with other training delivery methods, has the potential to significantly improve organisational performance.

An additional feature:

e-learning on its own is great and can, as we have commented, significantly improve organisational performance. Coupled with a Learning Management System (L.M.S), e-learning initiatives become even more powerful.

Some of the features of the L.M.S attached to our e-learning  initiative are as follows:

  • Pre and post course testing of trainees knowledge
  • Customisable training based on the initial pre-course testing
  • Early trainer intervention for trainees that fall behind preset markers and intervention points
  • Post-testing of knowledge retention for product knowledge initiatives
  • Multiple attempts at testing permisable
  • Learning Management at the push of an ICON on the training managers desktop
  • Automatic e-mail generation alerting trainers of pending training/knowledge retention issues
  • Microsoft Office compatibility
  • Powerful reporting functionality giving measurable outcomes

Act now:

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