Training Methodology

Our fundamental belief is about adding value to our clients' business' in the most cost effective way. To achieve this we employ various approaches:

Manager-driven training:

If you ask us to train your front line staff, we will do that with pleasure but will always remind you that you are dependent on us coming back time and again to train your new staff as your staff turn over.

Our preferred approach to training is to work with your line and store managers, giving them the skills and tools they need to train and manage the performance of front line staff.

e-learning and blended learning:

We are not convinced that e-learning is a substitute for any of the current traditional  learning or training methodologies.  We see the benefits of using e-learning to support what we currently do as follows:

  • Supports the preferred learning environment for generation Y and some Xs
  • Ensure 'speed to competency'
  • Ensures a greater return for the training dollar spent
  • Allows multiple visits to course content by the trainee at no additional cost
  • Support Product Knowledge training especially with the launch of new products. You are able to address the masses in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months

All of this leading to overall business efficiency.

Workshop-based training:

This approach best facilitates management and leadership development. Managers are away from everyday distractions of the job and have an opportunity to practise new skills in a safe environment.

Our workshops are seldom longer than one day. Managers will learn a manageable set of valuable skills and quickly be able to apply them in real life.

We encourage pre-workshop discussion between participants and their managers to discuss desired outcomes. We insist on post-session action plans or projects so that clients can see a return on investment.  

On-the-job training:

The best learning is done when purposeful and on-the-job. Where applicable, this methodology is employed e.g. Assistant managers' development program

Many of our clients comment on the difficult transition into senior management roles. This program uses a formal structure, on the job, driven by the assistant managers themselves and supported by store and senior line managers. Assistant managers learn valuable skills in real time.

National Certificate in Retail Level 4 by Training Pathway:

This is a unique combination of:

1. Formal workshop training, up to twelve sessions in an 18 month period

2. On-the-job training

3. e-learning

4. Self learn at the participant's pace using a predefined, focused set of company-specific requirements and guidelines

5. Completion of 22 targeted and documented assignments

6. Retail ITO assessments

All supported by a mentor or coach and covering a wide range of retail related subjects, topped of with three assessment periods designed to enhance knowledge retention.


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