What we do

Retail Training is able to provide training and development opportunities that cover the entire spectrum of Retail and Franchise training needs, from shop floor assistants to owner operators and executives.

All of our course material is either purpose-designed and developed, based on the client's unique needs, or is customised to suit the client's environment.

Our consultants have expertise in course design, facilitation and experience in various retail disciplines and the directors personally manage client relationships and, where appropriate, will deliver the training.

Our training is delivered mostly in-house, or at venues that suit the client, and at competitive prices.

We adopt the following stepped process with all new customers:

1. Assist with the development of a comprehensive documented needs analysis

2. Match the needs analysis to the organisations goals and objectives. This ensures that any training that is delivered supports the overall goals and objectives of the organisation

3. Assist with the writing of a document that motivates the need for Learning and Development to take place and where possible linking it back to appropriate measurements and R.O.I. requirements

4. Design or customise existing workshop material to suit the organisation. An off the shelf option is also available.

5. Deliver the training using the most appropriate methodology selected. On-the-job, self paced, classroom etc.

6. Evaluate the effectiveness (pre, during and post) of the training

7. Suggest changes or modifications to the workshop material or the delivery methodology

8. Manage the entire programme - training calenders, training paths, venue arrangements etc.


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